Claw Toe – Plano, TX
Dr. Desai offers comprehensive treatment for Claw Toe and various other orthopedic problems. The Plano, TX based foot and ankle surgeon has extensive experience in treating a wide range of injuries, medical conditions and structural deformities.

Claw Toe

Claw Toe or Claw Foot is a medical condition in which the toes contract and bend in a way to resemble a claw. It is generally seen in the middle and end toe joints, causing intense pain. Except for the big toe, all other digits of the toe can get affected by this condition. Claw Toe can be classified into two categories:

  • Flexible Claw Toe: In this case, the joint can be moved and straightened manually.
  • Rigid Claw Toe: In this type, the movement is restricted and the patient experiences severe pain.

Causes Of Claw Toe

  • Injury to the ankle
  • Nerve damage due to Diabetes or alcoholism
  • Wearing ill-fitted shoes
  • Tightness in the toe muscles due to confinement in shoes
  • Conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease or Spinal Cord Disease
  • Weakened ligaments due to Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis

Symptoms Of Claw Toe

  • Abnormal position of the toe
  • Toe bends at the second or first knuckle
  • The toe looks curled and resembles a claw
  • Pain
  • In some cases, a callus may develop

Diagnosis Of Claw Toe

  • The orthopedic doctor may conduct a thorough physical examination of the affected foot
  • He may also review the medical history of the patient to identify the potential cause of the problem
  • X-ray and nerve conduction tests may be conducted to determine the cause

Treatment For Claw Toe

Claw Foot needs to be treated on time to prevent any complications and permanent disability.

Non-surgical treatment

  • Orthotic devices such as toe crest may be worn to straighten the toes while wearing pointed footwear
  • Hammertoe splints may also  be helpful in preventing the toes from bending
  • Wearing footwear with a comfortable, soft toe box may provide relief from symptoms
  • Certain toe strengthening and stretching exercises may be performed (as suggested by the doctor)
  • Foot pads, arch supports any other shoe inserts may be used to provide cushioning to the toes

Surgical treatment

Surgical intervention may be required if the pain is severe or the toe has become too rigid. The procedures may include tendon lengthening, removing the affected part of the toe bone or fusing the joint so that the toe bones grow together. The doctor may advise using crutches for a short period of time after the surgery.

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