Mallet Toe - Plano, TX
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Mallet Toe

Mallet Toe is a deformity in which the joint at the end of the toe is bent or curled. The condition is usually caused due to imbalance of muscles or shortening of the the tendons that are responsible for holding the toe in a straight position. As a result, the toe loses its flexibility and becomes rigid. The second toe is most likely to be affected by the condition.

Risk Factors For Mallet Toe

  • People who have Flat Foot
  • Type I Diabetes
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • People with someone diagnosed with Mallet Toes in their family

Types Of Mallet Toe

  • Flexible Mallet Toes: The initial stage when the symptoms start to appear but the toe can be straightened at the joint  
  • Rigid Mallet Toes: The condition in which tendons become short and the bones bend to take a permanent shape.

Causes Of Mallet Toe

  • Wearing improper shoes or heels that put a lot of pressure on toes and causes the muscles to bend for a long period
  • A toe injury
  • Medical conditions that affect nerves and muscles of the toes
  • Unusually high foot arch may also constrict the toe muscles and bones

Symptoms Of Mallet Toe

  • Stiffness, pain and difficulty in moving the toe
  • Formation of calluses (thickening or hardening of skin or soft tissue) or corns
  • Toe ulcers in Diabetic patients may indicate onset of this problem
  • Toe may take the shape of a mallet (small hammer)
  • Formation of bone spur in the toes
  • Constant pain and swelling in the foot

Diagnosis Of Mallet Toe

  • Physical examination: A doctor may conduct physical examination of the foot to diagnose Mallet Toes
  • Imaging studies: An X-ray may be conducted to have a clear picture of the bones and joints of the foot

Treatment For Mallet Toe

Non-Surgical Treatment

  • Comfortable footwear: The foot specialist may ask the patient to wear shoes that are wide at the front so that the toe can move easily.
  • Orthotics: The use of inner soles, crest pads, splints, toe protectors may be recommended by the doctor to relieve pressure from the toes
  • Exercises:  The doctors may suggest the patient to do exercises to strengthen the toe muscles

Surgical treatment

  • Flexor Tenotomy: For rigid Mallet Toe, the doctor may make a small incision and cut the tendon to straighten the toe .
  • Amputation : In severe cases, surgical removal of the affected toe may be required
  • Phalangeal head resection: In this procedure, the surgeon may remove a part of toe bone so that it can lay flat. Affected tendons are cut and re-joined to form a correct shape. A tape or wire may be used to keep the toe erect.

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